Write descriptive essay about a person

When students enter a new school, a prestigious college or university, writing an essay about themselves is a very frequent task. In this essay, the student must demonstrate their skills, achievements and aspirations. Using these essays, professors get to know candidates in advance, so it’s very important to make a good impression. To write descriptive essay about a person you need to know a lot about this person, but if this is an essay about yourself, then the situation becomes much simpler, many will think. But, contrary to popular belief, writing an essay about yourself is even more difficult. This is because you cannot objectively judge your achievements, qualities, and so on. But this is precisely this first skill that you must show, therefore, prepare for the fact that you will be carefully checked. In order not to fail, you need to learn how to write an essay about yourself, and start with the introduction.

You can use an unexpected approach. This approach is shocking and interesting. It can be anything. For example, you can talk about some important event in your life that has happened to you recently and has changed your life for better or worse. It can be a good event or a bad one, but it must necessarily touch on the topic of the essay. This may be an event that influenced your worldview and gave an incentive to enter this educational institution. The main idea is to interest your reader.

An effective way can also be used when writing an introduction for an essay. This beginning makes the reader move to the process itself, the causes and consequences that follow. This approach is good for short essays where you cannot afford to describe absolutely everything in detail. Just start with some event, translating the theme of the story into a story about yourself.

The authoritarian method is also often used in writing such an essay. Do not be surprised, there is such a method. This approach offers information in an imperative tone that cannot but shock the reader. It seems that the author is confident. Two minuses: it can be annoying if you go too far, plus all other essays should be written no less strongly. For example, it could be some shocking information about your experience. It can also be a story about some very important achievement, which will really interest your reader and make it clear that you are exactly the student whom they want to see in their school, college or university. But in this case, you need to be very careful, as this type of narration borders on boasting. Keep a balance using this method to attract attention, and not scare away professors with your excessive self-confidence. These approaches will help you make your essay interesting and original; you can stand out from other students.

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