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When entering a school, college or university, students are required to have a special essay in which they tell about themselves, about their interests and achievements. This is also a common practice when getting a job. Therefore, to be able to write such an essay is a rather important skill for both students and those who have already finished studying and are in search of work.

The introduction is crucial for the reader to decide for themselves whether or not to read your essay. Each beginning of a paragraph is also important, because, moving from one paragraph to another, the reader decides for himself whether to continue. That is why the first sentence should be so exciting as to make a member of the host committee not only read your essay and put it aside, but also notice it. Many students do not even go through the first stage of selection because their essay is soulless and not interesting. Your main task in this essay is to interest professors who will read this. Write essay personality description is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. But it is even harder to make it interesting.

Of course, you can simply and dryly state your idea, and then the members of the host committee will be disappointed to think, “Well, here, again the same thing.” The only way out is to learn to make the beginning original. The zest to start with is often seen in the first outline of an essay. Usually, she is hiding somewhere in the middle. It is up to you to find it and start a real essay with it. That is why many professional writers claim that the success of an essay depends on where you start. The more interesting and enticing your introduction will be, the more likely it is that it will interest the members of the selection committee and they will pay attention to you.

There is one standard approach to writing an essay introduction, which is a win-win option. Thanks to this method, you can guarantee to write a high-quality introduction for your essay and at the same time not spoil the whole structure and theme of the essay, since when writing an essay, students very often leave the main topic, for which their essays are immediately put aside. Of course, your main task is to demonstrate your skills in expressing your own thoughts, communication skills, and how you are able to demonstrate yourself, but you also must not forget that the topic of your essay is quite specific.

This standard approach is the most common, but not at all boring. To start your essay in this way, you need to answer at least 6 questions: who, what, when, where, why and how. Something like a press release, right? Answers to these questions should give the reader an idea of ​​what to expect. Despite the number of questions, the answers to them should fit into one sentence.

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